The Next Step - News for 2018!

     In 2016 we made a bold move, we rebranded. For those who are new, we struggled to find our "image" in the early stages of our Company. With an ever-changing industry, many can find it difficult to differentiate brands from each other. 

     Our goal for 2018 is to widen the gap between Alpha Pack and many other brands that come and go. That means being transparent and clear with our values and intentions. 

     We've spent weeks to develop a Mission Statement that could resonate with our values. Here it is: "Alpha Pack is a community and lifestyle brand. We believe that continuous movement; physically and mentally, is the key to pure fulfillment. With our forward-thinking team and innovative designs, we intend to reflect our ethos onto the products we create to deliver a continuous sense of self-awareness and progression. Together we can lay to rest any doubt or fear that we may hold within." 

     We will continue to produce high quality and affordable athletic-wear to satisfy our customers. We also plan on revamping our entire Men's collection for Summer of 2018. That being said, we are forever grateful to have the opportunity to do what we do. Thank you! 

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  • Thank you for your transparency and boldness. Evolution is a key part of growth, and I’m excited to see how Alpha Pack will continue growing! Keep crushing it!

    Intentionally Julie on
  • Yessss!! Love this so much! The concept, the action, the bold moves! So proud of everything that has been accomplished!?

    Meagen on
  • Love the brands mission statement. Also that you want to bring high quality products to your customers that is also affordable. I love the items I have bought from you and I will be buying more!

    Karen Kistner on
  • Love this statement! So proud of how far Alpha has come! I am so excited for 2018!!

    Bridget Surma on
  • Well said, good to know I love a company with such good values! Can’t wait to see what future releases bring!

    Emily Desorcy on

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